Beyond Bathroom Singing: Or How To Elevate Your Talent To Another Realm

credit: Sharbendu De


Many people sing in the bathroom, as it is such an aurally pleasing environment. Under the shower, while cleaning the body, gleaning some extra self-confidence can be an optional bonus. “Hey, that doesn’t sound too bad!” one might think while hitting a note from that pop song (or famous aria) going round in your head.

Just as a bathroom makes for an obliging arena to test your singing capacities, so the camera, by design, can deliver a very pleasing visual effect that is relatively easy to arrive at. The great ability of photography as a medium of creative expression, however, is that it not only allows one to capture reality but also to express one’s subjective point of view.

Because the camera so generously gives a perfect image—to everybody but no one in particular—the achievements of autonomous photographers/visual artists are expected to be derived from a unique, idiosyncratic way of seeing. Or, alternatively, creative expression by means of photography could be seen as a reflection of a certain (psychological) state of being. Whichever way you take it, the thing to stress here is that the outcome depends not so much on the machinery and all the more on a way of working with it. […]

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