Workshop Project Development

How to develop a recognizable artistic ‘voice’?

In this workshop we will:

  • discuss a work in progress in a group meeting;
  • develop a strategy for a final presentation;
  • make an edit for a portfolio;
  • write an artist statement;
Workshop/Masterclass Project Development, Belfast Photofestival, June 17-18 2017 (in collaboration with Ulster University).

Day 1

Participants will get a chance to lay out their works in progress and discuss further steps to take. The aim is to figure out at what stage the projects are at the moment and how to proceed from here on; how to archive the material and develop a strategy towards final presentation(s) and appropriate formats/platforms (exhibition, publication, digital applications).

Day 2

We will edit the material as available (of a¬†project in development) and we’ll further focus on the (re)writing of a concise and to-the-point artist statement. Together, this edit + statement will become a helpful tool for online (website) presentation of the project and/or applications for grants and funding and/or ‘open calls’ (magazines, festivals etc.)

Number of students: 6-10 participants.

Duration: 2/3 days